Everything you need to know about build-to-suit Bulgaria projects

BTS is a very popular jargon you must have heard as an abbreviation that stands behind build-to-suit Bulgaria projects. Or…ok – projects of such type, regardless their location. What we are going to talk about now is the Bulgarian future and potential to become the European paradise for BTS projects. But before sending you to this amazing and really welcoming country to increase your business potential thanks to such projects, you need some basic knowledge and information to learn. Here is everything you need to know about build-to-suit Bulgaria projects:

  1. How to understand what stands behind build-to-suit Bulgaria projects or properties? In short, when it comes to BTS projects – whether based in Bulgaria or in some other region, country – we understand a project that is owned by a landlord and built for a tenant, who sends specific instructions and requirements. The tenant is not the owner of the project, because the landlord builds it with his or her own funds, but once the project is completed, the tenant gets a leasing contract to obtain it eventually.

  2. Who are the people that build-to-suit Bulgaria projects suitable for? Mainly, entrepreneur with ideas, but limited funds are the ideal candidates for such a project. On the other side, the landlords that owe the project in the beginning are also in a good position, if they are big investors with a possibility and motivation to work, but have no current projects or conceptions to lean on.

  3. How to find build-to-suit Bulgaria projects? It`s neither difficult, nor expensive to get an offer for build-to-suit Bulgaria property. What you are recommended to do, though, is to deal with professional agents from real estate brokers or single real estate agents. They are more familiar with the market and they can give you a hand in all administrative arrangement tasks you will have till the end of build-to-suit Bulgaria project completion. Make sure you don`t fall in the trap to sign contracts for BTS you don`t understand or to search for such with now knowledge in the field.

  4. Why should I search for build-to-suit Bulgaria projects? It`s an amazing way to earn whether you have, or you don`t enough funds. In both cases, you can get any of the roles in such projects – a tenant or a landlord – and in the end to win, to take the benefits of the final results, whether material or financial. Experts in the property and real estate fields believe that BTS is the future of financial and building investment in 21st century.